‘We are incredibly enthusiastic about the Global Goals’

The great challenges of our time cannot be solved without international cooperation. That is why we, too, are committed to the Global Goals. What do we do with them and what does this mean for our programmes and activities?
SDG vlag bij Nuffic

On Monday 6 September, we signed the SDG Netherlands vision and conditions. With this, we endorse the importance of the Global Goals (also known as SDGs). For Nuffic, this signature means that we are actively working on giving these global goals a place in everything we do as an organisation.


"The great challenges of our time cannot be solved without international cooperation. A broad view of the world and the development of skills to operate in an international context, that is what we aim for with our programmes and activities. All of this fits in so well with the SDG concept. We can only be enthusiastic about this", according to Titia Bredée, director of Nuffic. "With this signature, we are also showing this to the outside world."


Nuffic employees are highly motivated to contribute to the SDGs. We have therefore been working for some time on themes such as sustainable internationalisation, diversity and inclusion and equality in partnerships. Together with schools and institutions, we work on questions such as: How do you stimulate young people to take a broad view of the world? How can you develop your intercultural competences through internationalisation at home? How can you increase the playing field of smaller players by paying more attention to equality in partnerships? We are happy to discuss this and will continue to do so.

Titia Bredee ondertekent SDG Charter

Photo: Executive Director Titia Bredée signs the SDG Netherlands vision and conditions.

What is SDG Netherlands?

SDG Netherlands is the movement of everyone who contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Netherlands. Partners in the network endorse the vision and conditions of SDG Netherlands. These were first signed by Prime Minister Rutte in 2015 to commit the Netherlands to achieving the SDGs. Since then, more than 1,250 companies, knowledge institutions, NGOs, municipalities and healthcare organisations have already joined them.

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