Regional presence to secure knowledge cooperation

Nuffic recently opened three regional operating offices in South Africa, Jordan and Indonesia. With these offices we continue to support international knowledge cooperation with The Netherlands.

The aim of the regional offices is to create long-lasting, cross-border partnerships between education institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. They assist foreign professionals, organisations and students through programmes such as the Orange Knowledge Programme, the MENA Scholarship Programme, StuNed, DUTEP, Orange Tulip Scholarship and EU-Share.

“To realise impact, it is essential to have representation abroad, and to continue investing in our local networks”, says Roos Hogenkamp, Manager Nuffic Global. “Thanks to our vast experience in knowledge cooperation, we don’t just know the regional context, we are part of it. We are happy and thankful that we will be able to continue supporting the Dutch and international knowledge sector.”

Improving quality

Nuffic’s regional offices also offer support to regional education institutions that want to strengthen their collaboration with Dutch education institutions. Among others, our offices provide access to Dutch education for refugees and underprivileged groups through EDU-Syria and HOPES-LEB programmes.

International offices

Nuffic is present in several regions around the globe to contribute to collaboration in education and research. Our international work covers over 30 countries. In addition to our offices in South Africa, Jordan and Indonesia, we operate three smaller project offices in Benin, Ethiopia and Lebanon. We are an ‘EU Pillar Assessed’ organisation and are interested in working on new programmes together with our international offices.

In 2023, we the first pilot of a NL Knowledge House in Indonesia. This is an initiative of several Dutch higher education institutions, the Dutch Ministry of Education and Nuffic, to co-create knowledge on an institutional level with counterparts in the field of education and (applied) research. Society and the private sector are also involved.

Over the past few years up and until 2023, Neso activities will be phased out. Our Neso office in India will close at the end of 2023.

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