Approval for Nuffic as special partner of the EU

Nuffic is celebrating! After an extensive review, we are now a special partner of the European Commission. As an ‘EU Pillar Assessed’ organisation, we can engage in direct dialogue with EU Delegations and partner countries regarding the development and management of new collaboration programmes.

Collaboration with the EU

To be able to co-create and manage EU programmes and funds as a special partner, organisations undergo a thorough review of their organisational and financial structure and processes. The process to obtain this recognised status is called an ‘EU Pillar Assessment’. This recognition was preceded by a long review process that began in April 2020. Since then, more than 400 documents have been examined. At the end of October 2022, we finished the entire process and received the approval from the European Commission in Brussels. Nuffic now has the status ‘EU Pillar Assessed’.

Postitive news for Nuffic and the knowledge sector

The new status opens doors for Nuffic all over the world at European Union Delegations, or embassies of the EU. The recognition makes us an official conversation partner, which enables us to collaborate more closely with the EU to develop and launch impactful programmes. Nuffic has been running EU programmes for many years in which we provide vulnerable youth and Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon access to education and pathways to the labour market. Nuffic also contributes to international knowledge exchange and student mobility in Southeast Asia through the EU-SHARE programme. Now that we are Pillar Assessed, we can draw upon our 70 years of experience and expertise as we work with EU Delegations to actively develop new impactful programmes and provide input on follow-up programmes. As a special partner, we no longer have to take part in competitive tenders. This is good news not only for Nuffic, but also for Dutch knowledge institutions and the knowledge sector in partner countries.

Ambitions for the future

Through knowledge-based collaboration and capacity building, Nuffic aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on quality education (SDG4) as well as food security (SDG2) in relation to the climate (SDG13), the position of women and girls (SDG5), and sustainable economic and social growth (SDG8). With our recognition as a ‘Pillar Assessed’ organisation, we wish to make an even greater contribution to accessible and quality higher education, enhanced vocational education and better alignment between education and the labour market for students and professionals in partner countries in Africa, Asia and the MENA region.

Roos Hogenkamp, ​​Global Manager of Nuffic: “Receiving the recognition 'EU Pillar Assessed' is of great importance to Nuffic. It will help us to support partner countries, for example Benin, Jordan, and Indonesia, to create more impact. The new form of collaboration with the EU will also allow us to create programmes that are even more based on local demands.”

Our work in programme management and capacity building

Education is the engine of growth, everywhere. Our global development policy is therefore based on strengthening competencies and skills of both individuals and organisations - through education. In the Netherlands, and abroad. Read more about the programmes we manage, such as the Orange Knowledge Programme, on our overview page.