The official policy framework was published in the Staatscourant, the Netherlands government's law gazette, in March 2018 (in Dutch). In August 2018, an amendment about extra funding was published. An additional amendment was published in February 2023.

We have provided translations below:

English translation legal policy framework Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (196.50 kB)

English translation 'Staatscourant' extra funding amendment August 2018 (93.8 kB)

Quarterly information

On a quarterly basis official programme specifications are published in the government gazette. These include budget allocations per instrument and modifications regarding participating countries and\or priority themes.

These specifications are published ahead of the specific quarter. Only after publication of these quarterly specifications, we will announce information on future calls, budgets and deadlines for that specific quarter.

Specifications 2023:

Publication Staatscourant 7 February 2023 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 7 February 2023 (138.77 kB)

Specifications Q3 2022

Publication Staatscourant 28 June 2022 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 28 June 2022 (89.45 kB)

Specifications Q2 2022

Publication Staatscourant 31 March 2022 (in Dutch)

Specifications Q1 2022

Publication Staatscourant 1 December 2021 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 1 December 2021 (106.20 kB)

Specifications Q4 2021

Publication Staatscourant 30 September 2021 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 30 September 2021 (118.94 kB)

Specifications Q1 and Q2 2021

Publication Staatscourant 17 February 2021 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 17 February 2021 (113.82 kB)

Specifications Q4 2020

Publication Staatscourant 30 November 2020 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 30 November 2020 (146.61 kB)

Specifications Q2 2020

Publication Staatscourant 20 March 2020 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 20 March 2020‌ (101.33 kB)

Specifications Q1 2020

Publication Staatscourant 20 December 2019 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 20 December 2019‌ (122.22 kB)

Specifications Q4 2019

Publication Staatscourant 30 September 2019 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 30 September 2019‌ (144.5 kB)

Specifications Q3 2019

Publication Staatscourant 26 June 2019 (in Dutch)

Translation publication 'Staatscourant' 26 June 2019‌ (85.87 kB)

Specifications Q2 2019

Publication amendment Staatscourant 26 June 2019 (in Dutch)

Translation publication amendment 'Staatscourant' 26 June 2019‌ (95.13 kB)

Specifications Q1 2019

Publication Staatscourant 29 November 2018 (in Dutch)

English translation of publication Staatscourant 29 November 2018‌ (163.22 kB)

All participants are informed through our digital Orange Knowledge Programme Updates. If you are a participant but you have not been receiving updates, please send us an email with your contact information, referencing 'Programme update'.

Theory of change

For the Orange Knowledge Programme we developed a Theory of Change, outlining the desired outcomes and required interventions:

Summary of the Theory of Change‌ (343.28 kB)

The Theory of Change is integrated in the Orange Knowledge Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, which includes evaluation indicators at all levels:

Monitoring & Evaluation Framework Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (264.76 kB)