About OKP group training

The Orange Knowledge Programme offered funding for 3 types of group training:

  • Tailor-Made Training (TMT): customised group training courses with a maximum budget of € 75,000 for a maximum of 12 months, for all countries in the Orange Knowledge Programme.
  • Tailor-Made Training Plus (TMT+): customised group training courses with a maximum budget of € 200,000 and a maximum end date of 31 August 2024. TMT+ has a greater emphasis on sustainable integration of outcomes within organizations and the sector, increased attention to training and implementation costs.
  • Refresher courses: these courses were only for previous graduates from the Orange Knowledge Programme or its predecessors. Like TMT, they were for all countries iin the programme, the maximum budget was € 75,000 and the maximum duration was 12 months.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially extended the Orange Knowledge Programme until 31 December 2024. Currently, Nuffic will not publish any new calls for OKP- Group Training. This means that there are no more opportunities to submit an application until the end of the OKP extension period (31 dec 2024)

After being granted

Once you have accepted the grant for your Tailor Made Training, you are committed to delivering the training and reporting on its progress and outcomes.

1. Getting started

First, ensure that all the information in your grant award letter is accurate. Next, submit the required documents mentioned in the grant award letter to us at tmt@nuffic.nl. Don't overlook providing budget specifications, the COCA, and CVs of experts. Read the Grant Obligations and Conditions for Group Training, as these are integral to the grant award. By submitting a grant request, you agree to abide by these obligations and conditions.

We also advise you to check your access to AKVO for your project. Please confirm that the correct staff members are assigned as enumerators and that the reporting period for 2023 is open. Also, assure all information on your project is accurate in AKVO.

To help you further with technicalities of getting started, we organise a Q&A for implementing a TMT or TMT+. The online help sessions will take place on 6 November 2023.

2. During the implementation of your TMT or TMT+

Stay connected with us and keep us informed of any significant project changes. Reach out to your assigned country manager or our TMT team.

Please use our provided format if:

  • Your project outcomes may not be fully met.
  • You encounter delays.
  • You face challenges meeting other grant obligations.
  • You face budget changes, please note that budget changes over 25% should be discussed and approved by us.

For changes in contact details, we ask you to use this contact format.

If experts not initially included in your proposal will take part in the training, please send their CVs for approval before contracting. Also, describe in the e-mail what part of the training they will be responsible for, and whom they will replace.

We kindly ask you to share exciting project updates on AKVO and social media to keep everyone informed and engaged. We appreciate it if you inform us as well.

Last but not least, remember that for TMT and TMT+ initiatives granted in 2023, there are no possibilities for Budget Neutral Extensions. Finish your project by the grant's end date.

3. Reporting after the implementation

For Group Training, grant recipients are required to submit their final report (narrative and financial) within 2 months after the end date of the grant period. Timely submission is crucial, as outlined in the Grant Obligations and Conditions.

Keep your grant administration and files for 7 years after the grant settlement.

Reporting Steps

Step 1

Use the online reporting tool AkvoRSR to submit your report. Update indicators and provide a progress narrative. Include reflections on mid term indicators (in case of TMT+), or provide expected rates if immediate scoring isn't possible.

If we request revisions during the report assessment, please make necessary adjustments in AKVO.RSR For more information on reporting projects in AkvoRSR please consult the Akvo manual (408.7 kB).

Step 2

Notify us that you've submitted your report via email at tmtreports@nuffic.nl.

To prevent confusion, please send all required documents in one email. Include the project reference number from your grant letter in the email subject.

Attach the following in your email:

Reminder procedure

Ensure you meet the grant obligations, especially reporting, to avoid any issues. If grant recipients do not submit a complete final report within 2 months after the end date of the grant period, or do not comply with the grant obligations, the following reminder procedure will be initiated

Different end dates have specific submission deadlines:

  • June 1, 2024, grants: Submit by August 1, 2024.
  • August 31, 2024, grants: Submit by October 31, 2024.
  • For grants ending earlier, submit within two months of project completion.

Our reminder process for missed deadlines:

  • Step 1: We'll send a formal reminder by email to our contact person of the project .
  • Step 2: If needed, we'll send a first notice to our contact person of the project.
  • Step 3: In case of continued delays, we'll send a final notice to the Executive Board (College van Bestuur)
  • Step 4: We'll determine grant settlement or subsidy adjustments based on the law (General Administrative Law Act).

Code of Conduct

When we implement our programme, we acknowledge our Code of Conduct. In our Code of Conduct we describe how we put our mission and values into practice every day. We explain the professional and ethical behaviour that is expected from all of us and those who handle OKP group training.

Read our Code of Conduct

Share your stories

We encourage you to promote your Orange Knowledge training! We have defined some communication guidelines to assist you:

Communication material Orange Knowledge Programme

We would love to hear your success stories so please share them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!

More information


Please contact us via email: tmt@nuffic.nl or call +31 70 4260 260.

Results from training

If you would like to know which types of training requests have been funded by Orange Knowledge grants, download the overview below:

Granted group trainings - overview - Orange Knowledge Programme 2018-2020 (611.98 kB)

Granted TMT Group Trainings - Orange Knowledge Programme 2021 (94.83 kB)

Granted TMT Group Trainings - Orange Knowledge Programme 2023 (195.89 kB)

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