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Open calls


Deadline 18 February 2021

MENA - Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) and Water - OKP-MENA-30012 (263.18 kB)

Horn of Africa

Deadline 18 February 2021

Horn of Africa - Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) and Security and Rule of Law - OKP-EAR-10067 (194.6 kB)

We will provide regular answers to incoming questions about these calls for proposals on our Questions and answers page. For all calls, please use the guides and templates below.

Guidelines and templates - English

Guidelines and templates - French

Closed calls

For the following calls you can no longer submit a proposal, as the deadlines have passed. The documents will be available until the proposals have been assessed and applicants have been informed of the outcome:

Tunisia - 4 June 2020 - OKP-TUN-30010‌ (191.77 kB)

Sahel - 8 June 2020 - OKP-SHL-10053‌ (190.8 kB)

Sahel - 8 June 2020 - OKP-SHL-10059‌ (186.7 kB)

Vietnam - 11 June 2020 - OKP-VNM-10054‌ (186.58 kB)