Diplomas from Tunisia

In the table below you can find the level of Tunisian diplomas.

Working in the Netherlands

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Studying in the Netherlands

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Diploma Comparable to
Brevet de Technicien Professionnel / مؤهل التقني المهني an MBO diploma level 3 or 4
Diplôme du Baccalauréat / شهادة البكالوريا at least a HAVO diploma
Brevet de Technicien Supérieur / مؤهل التقني السامي an associate degree or 2 years of HBO
Licence Fondamentale / الإجازة الأساسية 2 years of WO
Licence Appliquée / الإجازة التطبيقية 3 years of HBO
Diplôme National d’Ingénieur / الشهادة الوطنية لمهندس 1 year of a 2-year WO master's degree
Mastère Professionnel / الماجستير المهني an HBO master's degree
Mastère de Recherche / ماجستير البحث a 1-year WO master’s degree
  • You can find more information about how we compare diplomas via Credential evaluation.
  • You can only use the MBO comparison if you want to check whether a diploma can give access to Dutch higher education. If you want to check the level of this diploma because you are looking for work, please contact the IDW. The diploma may then be compared to another MBO level.
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