What is a credential evaluation?

  • A credential evaluation is a comparison of a foreign diploma (credential) to a Dutch diploma. We do such comparisons for diplomas in higher education and almost all diplomas in secondary education.
  • A credential evaluation is a recommendation that is not legally binding. This means, for example, that Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences decide for themselves which students to accept. We do not make this decision: we only give advice.

For whom do we evaluate diplomas?

  • For people who want to work or study in the Netherlands;
  • for people who are taking integration (‘inburgering’) exams;
  • for Dutch educational institutions that want to know the level of international students’ diplomas. This includes Dutch secondary schools, eersteopvangscholen (previously: internationale schakelklassen, ISKs), universities of applied sciences and universities.

We do this on behalf of:

  • the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science;
  • the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment;
  • the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

How do we evaluate diplomas?

We compare foreign diplomas according to the agreements of the Lisbon Recognition Convention. The principle of this convention is that a foreign diploma has the same level as a Dutch one except in case of important differences.

Would you like to know more about the Lisbon Recognition Convention? The European EAR manual describes what these agreements mean in practice.

How do you apply for a credential evaluation?

Applying for a credential evaluation for yourself

It depends on your situation whether you need to apply for a credential evaluation. Please choose:

Applying for a credential evaluation for someone else

Do you have, for example, an employee or a job applicant with a foreign diploma and do you want to know the level of their diploma?

Do you disagree with your credential evaluation?

  • We will be happy to explain your credential evaluation. Please contact us.
  • If our explanation did not solve the problem, you can submit a complaint. Please contact IDW. IDW will let you fill in a complaint form through your account at My IDW. We try to respond to your complaint within 6 weeks.