Surinam educational institutions and study programmes

Below, we explain what types of educational institutions and study programmes there are in Surinam. We also explain how we check whether these are accredited. We check the to make sure that the quality is sufficient. We give the necessary information per educational sector.

Secondary education | schools

Pupils take H.A.V.O. or V.W.O. at a school that is accredited to offer that type of education. Some schools offer both types of education, while other schools offer only one.

Checking the accreditation of schools

In case of a Diploma Hoger Algemeen Vormend Voortgezet Onderwijs (H.A.V.O), it is important to check if the school is accredited to offer H.A.V.O. In case of a Diploma Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (V.W.O.), the schools needs to be accredited to offer V.W.O. In the table below, you can find an overview of schools that are accredited to offer H.A.V.O. and/or V.W.O.

Schools accredited to offer H.A.V.O. Schools accredited to offer V.W.O.
Ad Fontes Lyceum Ad Fontes Lyceum
Avond Havo/Vwo Lelydorp Algemene Middelbare School
Avond Havo/Vwo Nickerie A. A. Hoogedoorn Atheneum
Avond Havo/Vwo Paramaribo Avond Havo/Vwo Lelydorp
Avond Havo Zuid-west Avond Havo/Vwo Nickerie
Christelijk HAVO Avond Havo/Vwo Paramaribo
H.A.V.O. III E.P. Meyer Lyceum
HAVO-IV Kangoeroe High
Henri Dahlbergschool Mr. Dr. J.C. de Miranda Lyceum
Openbaar Atheneum Nassy Brouwer College
Openbaar 3-jarig HAVO Talenprofiel Scholengemeenschap Hanover
Scholengemeenschap Hanover Scholengemeenschap Henry Hassankhan
Scholengemeenschap Henry Hassankhan Scholengemeenschap Kwatta
Scholengemeenschap Kwatta Scholengemeenschap Maho
Scholengemeenschap Maho Scholengemeenschap Moengotapoe
Scholengemeenschap Moengotapoe Scholengemeenschap Nickerie
Scholengemeenschap Nickerie Scholengemeenschap Sanatan Dharm
Scholengemeenschap Sanatan Dharm Scholengemeenschap Tamanredjo
Scholengemeenschap Tamanredjo Scholengemeenschap VOS Welgedacht C
Scholengemeenschap VOS Welgedacht C V.W.O. 4
- VWO4 - Dependence
- VWO-Gitaarstraat

Please note:

  • There are also schools that offer V.W.O. without being accredited to offer it. We cannot make a credential evaluation for a Diploma Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (V.W.O.) from those schools.
  • Some schools offer education for diplomas from outside Surinam, such as an American high school diploma. For a credential evaluation, we check if these schools follow the regulations of the relevant country. For American high school diplomas from schools in Surinam, see Checking the accreditation of high schools.

Higher education | educational institutions

In Surinam, there are different types of higher education institutions:

  • the Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname, which offers both and ; and
  • specialised educational institutions, which offer HBO (and sometimes ).

Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname

The Anton de Kom Universiteit van Suriname (AdeKUS) is the only university in Surinam. Students can follow HBO and WO programmes in various fields of study here.

Specialised educational institutions

Specialised educational institutions offer HBO programmes, and sometimes MBO programmes as well. They do not offer WO programmes. These educational institutions specialise in a certain field of study or discipline, such as art or technology. The following specialised educational institutions are accredited in Surinam:

Higher education | study programmes

In higher education, there are study programmes for various diplomas. We describe the diplomas we often see on our webpage about Surinam higher education. Study programmes in higher education need to be accredited by the Nationaal Orgaan Voor Accreditatie (NOVA).

Checking the accreditation of higher education study programmes

On the NOVA website, you can find an overview of accredited study programmes (in Dutch).