Diploma Comparable to NLQF EQF
Diploma o položenom završnom ispitu (Diploma of completed final exam) a HAVO diploma for the general education part, an MBO diploma level 3 for the vocational education part 3 + 4 3 + 4
Diploma o stečenom srednem obrazovanju (Diploma of completed secondary education) a VWO diploma 4+ 4
Diploma/Uverenje o položenom maturskom ispitu (Diploma/Certificate of completed maturity exam) a VWO diploma 4+ 4
Diploma of a basic professional study an HBO bachelor's degree 6 6
Diploma of a basic academic study an HBO bachelor's degree or a WO bachelor's degree 6 6
Diploma of a master academic study an HBO master's degree or a WO master's degree 7 7
Diploma o stečenom akademskom nazivu specijaliste (Diploma of academic title of specialist) a WO master's degree 7 7
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  • There are no fixed names for diplomas in Serbia. There can be many different names for the same diploma. In this table we use the diploma names that we see most often. Do you have another question about the Serbian education system? Please contact us.