Diploma Comparable to
Basic education certificate 2 years of HAVO
Preparatory education certificate of Al-Azhar 2 years of HAVO
Secondary school technical diploma an MBO diploma level 2 or 3
Diploma of advanced technical studies usually an MBO diploma level 4, sometimes an MBO diploma level 3
Intermediate institute diploma an MBO diploma level 4
General secondary education certificate a HAVO diploma
Secondary education certificate of Al-Azhar a HAVO diploma
Higher Diploma of Technology 3 years of HBO
Bachelor's degree from a Higher Institute an HBO bachelor's degree
Bachelor's degree from a university ( : 4 years) an HBO bachelor's degree or 2 years of WO
Bachelor's degree from a university (duration: 5 years) usually a WO bachelor's degree, sometimes an HBO bachelor's degree
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) 1 year of a 3-year WO master's programme in medicine
Diploma of Higher Studies (duration: 1 year) a WO bachelor's degree or an HBO master's degree
Diploma of Higher Studies (duration: 2 years) an HBO master's degree or a WO master's degree
Master's degree from a university usually a 1-year WO master's degree, sometimes an HBO master's degree
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  • SBB evaluates foreign diplomas and training at VMBO and MBO level. The evaluation may vary if the SBB evaluates the diploma for admission to VET schools or for work in the Netherlands.