Secondary education study results

Boards assess secondary education study results as follows:

Letter Grade Class Interval (%) Grade Point Meaning
A+ 80-100 5 Excellent
A 70-79 4 Very good
A- 60-69 3.5 Good
B 50-59 3 Satisfactory
C 40-49 2 Satisfactory
D 33-39 1 Sufficient
F 00-32 0 Fail

Checking secondary education study results online

You can check lower and upper secondary education study results online:

  • Go to the website of the Ministry of Education.
  • At ‘Examination’, choose the diploma for which you would like to check the study results. Usually, you need to choose 1 of the following options:
  • At ‘Year’, choose the year in which the diplomas was awarded.
  • At ‘Board’, select the city of the board.
  • After ‘Roll’, type the number that is mentioned on the diploma after ‘Roll No.’.
  • After ‘Reg: No’, type the number that is mentioned on the diploma after ‘Registration No.’. Pease note: do not include the numbers that are mentioned after the ‘/’.
  • Type the sum of the 2 numbers in the bottom line.
  • Click on ‘Submit’.
  • The study results of the student are now displayed.

Secondary education documents

Students who have completed secondary education have the following documents:

  • a lower secondary education diploma and transcript; and
  • an upper secondary education dipoma and transcript.

The diplomas and lists of grades are awarded by a board.

Higher education study results

Higher education institutions use the Uniform Grading Scheme from the UGC to assess study results. It looks like this:

Numerical Grade Letter Grade Grade Point Description Meaning
80% en hoger A+ 4.0 A Plus Excellent
75% - < 80% A 3.75 A Regular Very good
70% - < 75% A- 3.5 A Minus Good
65% - < 70% B+ 3.25 B Plus Satisfactory
60% - < 65% B 3.0 B Regular Sufficient
55% - < 60% B- 2.75 B Minus Sufficient
50% - < 55% C+ 2.5 C Plus Sufficient
45% - < 50% C 2.25 C Regular Sufficient
40% - < 45% D 2.0 - Just about suffiient
< 40% F 0.0 - Fail
- I - Incomplete Subject not completed
- W - Withdrawn Subject not completed

Checking higher education study results online

Sometimes you can check higher education study results online. Usually, you can find out if this is possible by clicking on ‘Results’ or ‘Notices’ on the educational institution’s website. For example, see the website of the National University.

Higher education documents

If students complete a higher education study programme, they receive a diploma and a transcript. If they completed their education at a college, the university awards the official documents.