Secondary education study results

In Afghanistan, secondary education institutions use the following system to assess study results:

Mark Meaning
86-100 Excellent
79-85 Very good
70-78 Good
40-65 Pass
<40 Fail

Secondary education documents

The following document allow students to prove that they have completed Afghan secondary education:

Please note:

  • The Ministry of Education always issues the diploma.
  • The 12th Grade graduation certificate is always awarded in 3 languages: English, Dari and Pashto.

Higher education study results

Higher education institutions assess study results as follows:

Mark Grade Meaning
86-100 A Excellent
79-85 B Very good
70-78 C Good
40-65 D Pass
<40 Fail Fail

Higher education documents

The following documents allow students to prove that they have completed a higher education programme:

  • a diploma; and
  • a transcript.