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Global Mind Monitor 

The Global Mind Monitor (GMM) is an online questionnaire designed for students, teachers, and professionals to reflect on their global competences. This monitor is based on validated instruments which measure intercultural competences, ethnocentrism, and engagement in sustainability.

A personal dashboard provides insights into your scores and reflections on your strengths and areas for development. Teachers can incorporate this tool in evaluation interviews with students, allowing it to be filled in once or multiple times to track student development over an extended period.


Dutch, English, and Spanish


Visit the website of the Global Mind Monitor. The tool costs 4.95 euro per student.

International Competences Matrix 

The International Competences Matrix is a tool that empowers teachers to map their position in professional development. This model is instrumental in facilitating the implemention of your nternationalisation strategy since internationally competent teachers are essential for this implementation.

For each task, be it curriculum development or Internationalisation at Home (IaH), the matrix identifies the required international competences. In practice, this matrix is often used for professional development within the Human Resourse Management (HRM) cycle and during job interviews.




Please find the International Competences Matrix here.