What is the Orange Knowledge Programme?

The Orange Knowledge Programme is a Dutch funding programme. It contributes to societies’ social and economic development by strengthening knowledge and skills of professionals and organisations through education, in collaboration with Dutch knowledge organisations.

  • Funder: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (directorates DSO and IGG)
  • Manager: Nuffic
  • Duration: from mid-2017 to mid-2023 (extended with 1 year in 2021 )
  • Budget: € 220 million
  • Countries: projects are ongoing in up to 54 countries; currently new opportunities are available for 37 countries

Benefits for your embassy

  • You have a say in the goals of the OKP for your country, which you can align with your multi-annual country strategy (MASP).
  • By being actively involved you can help maximise the impact of the programme in your country.


The aim of the programme is based on the Netherlands’ development cooperation policy. The programme:

  • strengthens knowledge and skills of professionals active in the priority themes fields through scholarships and training.
  • builds the capacity of organisations in higher education and TVET (Technical Vocational Education & Training), in collaboration with Dutch knowledge institutions.

Priority themes and country focus

The priority themes are based on the participating countries’ needs and are included in the Country Focus document‌ (224.27 kB). Institutional collaboration projects, group training and scholarships must be aligned with these needs. Please let us know if you would like change your country’s focus.

Full programme countries have a Country Plan of Implementation (CPI), which is a more detailed description of the country’s capacity needs. Please let us know if your CPI needs updating.

What we ask of you

While we do our best to take most of the work out of your hands, we do need your local knowledge and expertise to make the right decisions and achieve our programme goals as described in our Theory of Change document‌ (388.32 kB).

Institutional collaboration projects

In these projects, Dutch knowledge institutions collaborate with knowledge organisations in 21 Full programme countries to strengthen their capacity in the priority themes included in the CPIs.

We ask you to check if projects meet both Dutch governmental and local policies and priorities. If your country is a Full programme country, you will have a dedicated Nuffic Country Programme Manager at hand.

Tailor-made Training (TMT)

A TMT training is a training for a group of people who are not necessarily associated with the same organisation. The trainings are delivered by a Dutch organisation and available for all participating countries (except Iraq). The maximum budget is € 75,000 per training.

As the name suggests, a TMT+ is a bigger training with more capacity building components and a maximum budget of € 400,000 for up to 2 years. This training is available for both Full programme and Compact+ countries.

We ask you to assess TMT and TMT+ proposals. We expect to launch 2 regular TMT application rounds in 2020: in January and August. The embassy assessment rounds are scheduled for the beginning of April and late September.

Individual scholarships

We offer scholarships for short courses and master's programmes in the Netherlands. Candidates must be mid-career professionals who have finished their studies and are nationals of and currently working in an OKP country (with the exclusion of Indonesia).

After an application round closes, the Dutch education institutions nominate their preferred candidates.

We then ask you to assess‌ the nominated candidates by confirming that their applications are aligned with the Country Focus document or CPI and evaluating the strategic relevancy of their employing organisations.

Eligibility check and assessment questions‌ (90.37 kB)

We encourage you to promote the Orange Knowledge Programme by referring potential applicants to www.studyinholland.nl/okp.

Scholarship application rounds 2022

The 3 candidate application rounds for individual scholarships are:

  1. 2 February - 22 March
  2. 11 May - 28 June
  3. 31 August – 11 October

We will ask you to assess the applications in the following time frames:

  1. 6 April - 17 May
  2. 13 July - 16 August
  3. 26 October - 23 November

You can find more information about how to assess applications in the Delta user manual (384.94 kB)‌.

Alumni activities

The Orange Knowledge Programme offers grants of up to € 5,000 for alumni activities. The grants are available for Netherlands Alumni Associations in all OKP countries.

Stay up to date

We frequently send out updates with important information, such as deadlines, calls and changes.

Receive our programme updates


Please contact your country’s Programme Manager with any questions you may have. If you don’t have a Programme Manager or are not sure who it is, just send an email to okp@nuffic.nl.

Communication guidelines

To support participants in communicating about Orange Knowledge projects, we have provided some material that they can use alongside their own. You can forward the link to this page to project partners in your country:

Communication material Orange Knowledge Programme