Opportunities in 2022

As the Orange Knowledge Programme is ending, there are currently no new open funding opportunities for which alumni associations can apply. In 2022 the OKP will focus on organising local or online alumni events in focus regions, like the Horn of Africa session in 2021.

About Alumni Activities

The modality Alumni Activities, part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP), contributes to diplomatic relations and sustainable development by investing in local alumni. It encourages them to join or strengthen alumni networks, remain in contact with Dutch educational institutions and embassies, and offers the possibility to network with third parties, like the Dutch business community.

Activities organised with OKP funding should not be social events.

The alumni activities of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) include the following intended results:

  • Alumni and alumni networks are connected with each other and with the Netherlands;
  • Knowledge and expertise exchange takes place between alumni (networks);
  • The bond with the Netherlands has been strengthened;
  • The knowledge of relevant Dutch themes as determined by the Dutch embassies in the respective countries has been enhanced;
  • The network of alumni ambassadors is (further) developed.

Lastly, we strongly encourage associations to undertake activities that promote collaboration between alumni, education institutes and Dutch or local companies.

Reporting and communication

You are requested to submit a report upon completion of the activity.

Format narrative report for alumni activities Orange Knowledge Programme (87.12 kB)

You are requested to share stories, photos and videos of your alumni activity with Nuffic upon completion of the activity. We also strongly encourage you to register on the NL alumni network and to post updates of your activity on this platform.

Who could apply?

Dutch education institutes or Alumni Associations established in an OKP country with a bank account in the name of the alumni association.

Eligibility criteria

  • The maximum OKP subsidy per activity is € 5,000. The total budget of the activity may be higher.
  • No grant has already been awarded for the activity by Nuffic or another donor;
  • Applicants can’t receive more than 2 subsidies per year;
  • At least 60% of the participants in the activity are alumni of OKP, NFP, MSP or NICHE/NPT;
  • If the applicant is an alumni association, it must have originated in an OKP-country;
  • The alumni activity needs to link up with activities of the Dutch embassy;
  • The activity needs to contribute to education in general;
  • The activity needs to relate to knowledge and expertise previously acquired by the alumni through the OKP, NFP, MSP or NICHE/NPT;
  • The activity is an initiative for and carried out on behalf of alumni of educational activities for which an OKP, NFP, MSP or NICHE/NPT grant was previously obtained;
  • The activity needs to contribute to strengthening the alumni association in the respective country (if the association is involved);
  • A percentage of co-funding is required, depending on the OKP country. The percentage is calculated based on the total budget of the alumni activity.

You can find information on these co-funding requirements in the country focus document:

Country focus Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (269.89 kB)

Please be aware of the applying grant obligations:

Grant obligations and conditions of Alumni Activities (202.39 kB)

No alumni association yet?

If you are an individual graduate of the Orange Knowledge Programme or one of its predecessors, we advise you to register with an alumni association to take part in activities. This can be an association linked to the institution or faculty where you studied, or a Holland alumni association in your country.

You can check which associations already exist, on the website of the NL alumni network and check the criteria for joining one of these associations.