Where do you apply for a credential evaluation?

The government has appointed Nuffic and SBB to evaluate diplomas. IDW is the digital counter for our credential evaluations.

Apply for a credential evaluation through IDW

You usually receive your credential evaluation after at least 6 weeks.

What is a credential evaluation?

  • A credential evaluation is a comparison of a foreign diploma (credential) to a Dutch diploma. We do such comparisons for diplomas in higher education and almost all diplomas in secondary education.
  • A credential evaluation is an official document. With our knowledge of foreign education systems, we provide insight into the level of your diploma in the Netherlands.

Please note:

  • A credential evaluation is not legally binding. This means that Dutch universities and universities of applied science determine themselves which students they admit. And Dutch employers determine who they hire.
  • A credential evaluation is therefore not proof that you are allowed to work or study in the Netherlands.

How do we compare diplomas?

  • We compare foreign diplomas to Dutch diplomas according to the agreements of the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC).
  • The principle of the LRC: a foreign diploma is considered to have the same level as a Dutch diploma, unless there are substantial differences.
  • Would you like to know more about the LRC? See the EAR manual.

View our overview of credential evaluations