About the programme

SCOPE-HE will be implemented over four years (2024 – 2028) and involves representatives from all ASEAN Member States. Focusing on green transition, blue economy, and digitalisation, the programme builds on the successes of the EU Support to Higher Education Programme in the ASEAN Region (SHARE) and ERASMUS+.

SCOPE-HE aims to strengthen people-to-people connections through a focus on education, research, university networks, and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), within ASEAN and between the EU and ASEAN.

The role of Nuffic

As an EU pillar assessment organisation, Nuffic leads this programme, working closely with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to achieve its objectives. The SCOPE-HE programme is structured around three main result areas aimed at improving sustainable connectivity between the EU and ASEAN.

Key activities

The SCOPE-HE Programme encompasses three main pillars of activities:

Academic Mobility Pillar

This focuses on increasing student and academic mobility through mutual recognition of qualifications and academic credits, facilitating policy dialogues, and providing technical assistance and capacity-building to ASEAN institutions.
The Academic Mobility Pillar is Implemented by Nuffic in collaboration with DAAD.

University Network Pillar

This supports the development of EU-ASEAN university networks, fostering collaborative research in areas such as the green transition, digital transformation, and the blue economy, and organising thematic research symposia and mobility schemes for doctoral students and researchers.
The University Network Pillar is Implemented by DAAD.

Vocational Network Pillar

This aims to enhance the employability of graduates by aligning vocational education with labour market needs, developing an ASEAN-wide Labour Market Insight website, and facilitating multi-stakeholder workshops and capacity-building initiatives focused on green transition and digitalisation.
The Vocational Network Pillar is Implemented by Nuffic.

Expected results

The key activities of the SCOPE-HE Programme are expected to achieve significant results in three primary areas:

  • Strengthened student and academic mobility in line with the relevant ASEAN strategy and action plan in this area.
  • Stronger EU-ASEAN cross-regional University Networks to jointly tackle global challenges by fostering research and technological connectivity.
  • Stronger ASEAN regional network of Vocational Education Institutions and businesses focusing on the “green transition”, “sustainability”, and “digitalisation”.

More information


To get in touch with our colleagues working on SCOPE-HE, visit: Contact information Nuffic Southeast Asia.