PODCAST: Our People Abroad, Episode 2: India

According to Anwesha Majumder, Chief Representative of Neso India, internationalisation should be ‘a two-way street’.
Posted by Nuffic

In the second instalment of Nuffic’s podcast series Our People Abroad, Anwesha Majumder, Chief Representative of Neso India, talks with journalist Mike Cooper about ‘the beautiful chaos India has to offer’.

Anwesha describes working for Nuffic – and representing The Netherlands – as ‘destiny’. Growing up in India, Anwesha has always been fascinated with Dutch culture and innovations. In the podcast she also talks about the lessons she learned from working with disadvantaged Indian children and hearing them talk about their dreams and ambitions. “Dream big!”

Strengthen bilateral relations

When it comes to internationalisation, Neso India is focused on quality. “We’re not just looking at sending Indian students to the Netherlands. Internationalisation has to be a two-way street. (…) We are looking for students who can contribute to the economies of both countries and strengthen the bilateral relations.”

“Alumni are our most important stakeholders”, she concludes. “They are our ambassadors. They come back (from The Netherlands, ed.) with a wealth of information and are ready to spread it across Indian society.”

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