Orange Knowledge Programme extended

Management of the Orange Knowledge Programme extended with one year.
Extending OKP

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended the management of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) with one year. The implementing partners of the OKP, the Dutch knowledge institutions and their local partners, have experienced extensive delays in project implementation due to COVID-19. By an extended duration of the OKP the implementing partners will have the opportunity to address these delays and make sure that all activities funded through the OKP will be concluded in an orderly manner.

Ongoing institutional cooperation projects and training initiatives that have been effected by the consequences of COVID-19 will get the opportunity to continue their implementation till March 2023. At the same time the extension will allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue to provide additional scholarships for students from OKP partner countries in 2022.

The extended end date offers the Orange Knowledge Programme the opportunity to optimise impact, time and resources, in which extra attention will be paid to monitoring, final reports and the presentation of the results.

We will further inform implementing partners and organisations in the Orange Knowledge Programme on associated details per instrument through the upcoming Programme Updates. Please subscribe to be part of this mailing list for implementors.

Orange Knowledge Programme

The Orange Knowledge Programme is a global development and knowledge cooperation programme of and financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and managed by Nuffic. The programme is being implemented in countries across Africa, the Middle East and North-Africa region, Asia and South America. The Orange Knowledge Programme was launched in 2017 and supplies tens of thousands of people with opportunities to change their future through education and training.

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