Nuffic opens information desk for students who have fled from Ukraine

New information desk for refugee students from Ukraine helps them in choosing their study. They can contact Study in Holland with specific questions about studying in the Netherlands.

There are currently tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees residing in the Netherlands, due to the war in Ukraine. Among them are also many students. Because we have received signals that there is still uncertainty about the options for these refugees with regard to studying in the Netherlands, Nuffic has opened an information desk for students who have fled Ukraine.

Study in Holland

Refugee students who want or need help in choosing to study in the Netherlands can contact our Study in Holland network. They can contact them with questions about studying via These can be questions about, for example, admission, residence and study options.


We try to reach these (prospective) students in as many ways as possible. We do this through Study in Holland through the use of, for example, our social networks and newsletters. As the organisation for internationalisation in education, we have a lot of experience with foreign students. If we cannot answer the questions ourselves, we refer them to other organisations and higher education institutions, who can help them further. In this way we hope to reach as many people as possible and help where necessary.

From Study in Holland to Study in NL

Study in Holland has been informing international students and their parents about study options in the Netherlands for years. From September 12, 2022 we will do this with a new name: Study in NL. On (prospective) students can find reliable and up-to-date information about studying in the Netherlands.