Target audience
Partners of an ICP or group training project who will submit their final report by the end of May or June 2023.

The Orange Knowledge Programme makes use of AkvoRSR (often referred to as 'Akvo' or 'AKVO') for reporting. This tool is used by implementers of Institutional Collaboration Projects and group training initiatives. If you have read the Akvo manual, but still face difficulties or have questions, you can register for this Q&A.

The Orange Knowledge Programme uses Delta for system and programme management. It is also used for submitting documents for final reports for ICPs (not group trainings). If you have read the Delta manual for Institutional Collaboration Projects and have questions, feel free to join the Q&A.

You can register for this session up and until Friday May 19.


More information on how to close an OKP project

We have created a dedicated page with information on closing your OKP institutional project or group training project. Information on deadlines, a step-by-step guide and tips for submitting your report are provided on the page.

How to submit a report