Anyone currently implementing a project with Nuffic has certainly worked with Delta or AKVO, two ICT software allowing the collection, analysis and sharing of project-related data. More than just being data collection tools, these two ICT infrastructures also influence the interaction between Nuffic and project implementers.

Mastering ICT infrastructure requires some basic knowledge from users. In addition, these ICT infrastructure need te be tailored to:

  • the needs of users
  • the objectives and the expected outcomes of the programs, and
  • the technological development.

Having a tool that meets the expectations of all users therefore requires permanent exchanges between different stakeholders.

This is the context in which this workshop is organised. Practical information is described below.

Practical information

Date and time

This event will preliminary take place on 31 May from 13.00 AM till 15.00 AM in the 'Dutch time zone' CEST (GMT+1). Please note that the date and time of this event is changed in consultation with applicants due to holidays.

Target audience

Delta and AKVO users using one of the following programmes:

  • OKP
  • MSP
  • VSB
  • Other

Online tool

We will use Microsoft Teams for this online training.


Questions related to this workshop could be addressed to:


This event is closed for registration now.