Vietnamese educational institutions and study programmes

Below, we explain what types of educational institutions and study programmes there are in Bangladesh. We also explain how we check whether these are recognised. We check the to make sure that the quality is sufficient. We give the necessary information per educational sector.

Secondary education | diplomas

In secondary education, you should especially pay attention to whether a student has a recognised diploma. These are the recognised secondary education diplomas:

See Secondary education documents for a short explanation of the documents that students receive.

Secondary education | educational institutions

Students can get secondary education either at a ‘regular’ secondary school or a at a high school for the gifted. A high school for the gifted teaches at a higher level than other schools. These schools are for students who have completed lower secondary education with high grades.

In every type of school, students complete upper secondary education with exams for the Bằng tốt nghiệp trung học phổ thông. However, the level of the diploma is slightly higher if it is from a high school for the gifted. Therefore, it is important to check whether the student obtained the diploma from a high school for the gifted.

Checking if a school is a high school for the gifted

On the website of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), you can find an overview of high schools for the gifted. Please note: this website is in Vietnamese.

Higher education | educational institutions

There are different types of higher education institutions in Vietnam:

  • universities (trường đại học);
  • junior colleges (trường cao đẳng).


Universities (trường đại học) offer vocational and research-oriented study programmes in different fields of study. You can find study programmes for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs, as well as study programmes for other types of diplomas.

Junior colleges

Junior colleges (trường cao đẳng) only provide short, vocational study programmes (short term higher education). This mostly concerns study programmes for a Bằng tốt nghiệp cao đẳng (Degree of Associate). You will not find bachelor’s, master’s or PhD programmes at these educational institutions.

Checking the recognition of higher education institutions

In Vietnam, higher education institutions must be recognised by the Ministry of Education (MOET). On the website of the MOET, you can find an overview of recognised higher education institutions.