Secondary and higher education study results

In secondary and higher education, Surinam educational institutions assess study results in the following way:

Grade Description Meaning
10 Uitmuntend Excellent
9 Zeer goed Very good
8 Goed Good
7 Ruim voldoende Very satisfactory
6 Voldoende Satisfactory
5 Bijna voldoende Almost satisfactory
4 Onvoldoende Unsatisfactory
3 Zeer onvoldoende Very unsatisfactory
2 Slecht Poor
1 Zeer slecht Very poor

Study load

Surinam higher education institutions may use different terms for the study loads of their study programmes. Some institutions use the term ‘studiepunten’, while other institutions use the term ‘credit points (CP)’.

Please note: sometimes, the studiepunten are not mentioned on a transcript. In that case, students can ask their educational institution for a new transcript which includes the studiepunten.

Classifications on diplomas

Higher education diplomas sometimes have classifications, such as ‘cum laude’, ‘met genoegen’ or ‘met goed gevolg. The requirements for a classification may vary per year and diploma.

Secondary education documents

The following documents can prove that students have completed upper general secondary education:

  • one of the following diplomas:
    • Diploma Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (H.A.V.O.); or
    • Diploma Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (V.W.O.); and
  • a transcript.

Please note: students receive their diploma and transcript from their high school. The lay-out of the documents varies per school.

Higher education documents

In higher education, students receive a diploma and transcript after completing their study programme.