Secondary education | diplomas

Secondary education is offered by schools, but students do their nationals exams via the Department of Examinations. Therefore, the Department of Examinations issues the official diplomas. These are the official secondary education diplomas:

Higher education | educational institutions

There are 2 types of higher education institutions:

  • public higher education institutions; and
  • private higher education institutions

Public higher education institutions

There are various types of public higher education institutions:

Public higher education institutions offer research-oriented and profession-oriented study programmes. SLIATE institutions are the exception: they only offer profession-oriented study programmes. The SLIATE is under the direct control of the Ministry of Higher Education. SLIATE comprises 11 Advanced Technological Institutes (ATI) and 8 ATI Sections. As a result, there is a SLIATE institution in every province.

Checking the recognition of public higher education institutions

Private higher education institutions

In addition to public higher education institutions, there are private higher education institutions, which are often referred to as campus, college, institute or school. In some cases, a private higher education institution may also be a university. Recognised study programmes at private higher education institutions are usually profession-oriented.

Checking the recognition of private higher education institutions

In case of a private higher education institution, you only have to check if the study programme is recognised. See Higher education | study programmes below.

Higher education | study programmes

  • Some educational institutions are only recognised to offer certain study programmes. This usually concerns the private higher education institutions. On the UGC website, you can find an overview of these institutions' recognised study programmes: Other Recognized Degrees.
  • Both public and private institutions provide the opportunity to earn what are known as external degrees or to take extension courses. These programmes are often practice-oriented. The admission requirements differ between institutions and often differ from the normal admission requirements. The UGC maintains an overview of recognised external degrees and extension courses.