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Secondary vocational education in Peru

There are many types of study programmes in Peruvian secondary vocational education. The study programmes vary in terms of their admission requirements, , content and . You need information about this in order to determine the level of a diploma. Students can follow -level study programmes at different types of educational institutions, such as:



CETPRO (Centros de Educación Técnico-Productiva) offers study programmes at 2 levels:

  • Ciclo Básico: these are 1-year study programmes (1,000 hours, 40 créditos) leading to an Auxiliar Técnico.
  • Ciclo Médio: these are 2-year study programmes (2,000 hours, 80 créditos) leading to a Técnico.

CETPRO includes various local CETPRO institutions. You can find more information about study programmes on the websites of those local CETPRO institutions. For example:


SENATI offers study programmes at various levels (niveles de formación). On the SENATI website, you can find an overview of study programmes per level (nivel):

Please note: not all SENATI programmes are (fully) at MBO level. Nivel Profesional Técnico and Nivel Profesional Tecnólogo programmes are higher education programmes. On our web page about higher education in Peru, we describe the Profesional Técnico programme.

Want to know more?

Do you have questions about secondary vocational education in Peru? Contact the SBB, the expertise centre for foreign qualifications and study programmes at VMBO and MBO level.