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After completing their lower secondary education (le cycle secondaire collégial), pupils may transfer to 2-year vocational training programmes leading to a Diplôme de Qualification Professionnelle (DQP)/دبلوم المستوى المؤهل.

    Diplôme de Technicien

    After obtaining the DQP pupils can choose to continue further education by 2-year secondary vocational education programmes at an Institut de Technologie Appliquée (ITA) leading to a Diplôme de Technicien/الدبلوم التقني.

    • Duration: 2 years.
    • Content: secondary vocational education.
    • Admission requirements: a Diplôme de Qualification Professionnelle (DQP) or the level of the final year of the baccalauréat.
    • Diploma: Diplôme de Technicien/الدبلوم التقني.

    In terms of level, the Diplôme de Technicien is comparable to an MBO diploma level 3 or 4, depending on the study programme.

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