Secondary education study results

Usually, secondary schools use the following system to assess study results:

Grade Description Meaning
9-10 Muy bien (MB) Very good
8 Bien (B) Good
6-7 Satisfactorio/Suficiente (S) Pass
0-5 Reprobado (R) Fail

Secondary education documents

Students can prove they have completed upper secondary education by showing 1 of the following documents:

Please note: sometimes, the diplomas has a different name, such as:

  • Bachiller programa bicultural
  • Certificado de terminación de estudios – bachillerato programa multicultural
  • Diploma de Bachiller

Higher education study results

Mexican higher education institutions usually assess study results as follows:

Grades Letters Description Meaning
9-10 or 90-100 MB Muy bien - excelente Very good
8 or 80-89 B Bien Good
6-7 or 60-79 S Suficiente - regular Pass
0-5 or 0-59 R Deficiente - reprobado Fail

Higher education documents

When students complete higher education study programme, they receive a diploma and a transcript.

Please note: sometimes, we see other documents as well:

  • Carta de pasante: this is not a diploma. It is proof that students have completed a part of their study programme. They still need to write a thesis or do an internship (servicio social).
  • Célula professional: this is not a diploma. It is proof that in Mexico the students are allowed to work in the profession of their study programme. This usually concerns study programmes for a regulated profession, such as doctor or teacher.