Secondary education study results

Schools in secondary education can assess study results differently per subject:

  • There is a minimum score per subject (‘Min’). This is the lowest possible result to pass the subject.
  • There is a maximum score per subject as well (‘Max’).
  • The students’ results are stated for each subject (‘Mark scored’).
  • The diploma also contains total scores (‘Grand total’):
    • The minimum total score. This is the lowest possible score in order to obtain the diploma.
    • The maximum total score. This is the highest possible total score.
    • The total score that the student obtained. Usually, this score is used by Egyptian higher education institutions for student admission.
  • Some subjects do not count towards the total score. These subjects are listed below the total score.

Secondary education documents

The following documents can prove students have completed a study programme in secondary education:

  • a diploma:
    • a General secondary education certificate;
    • a Secondary education certificate of Al-Azhar; or
    • a Secondary school technical diploma.
  • a sworn translation (if the diploma is not issued in English).

The diploma and transcript are 1 document: the transcript is mentioned on the diploma.

In Egypt, all diplomas have the same format. The documents are usually in Arabic. The Egyptian ministry of Education is always mentioned on the diploma.

Higher education study results

Egyptian higher education institutions can use different grading systems to assess study results. The institution’s grading system is often displayed on the reverse side of the transcript. It also often varies per faculty how study results are assessed. For example, the literature faculty of the Misr University for Science and Technology assesses study results in the following way:

Percentages Description




Very good


60-64.9 Pass
0-59.9 Fail

Higher education documents

The following documents can prove students have completed a study programme in higher education:

  • a diploma in Arabic and/or English;
  • a transcript in Arabic and/or English.