In the table below you can find the level of Chinese diplomas. You cannot derive any rights from it.

Working in the Netherlands

Do you want to know if you can work in the Netherlands with a certain Chinese diploma? Go to Working in the Netherlands with a foreign diploma.

Studying in the Netherlands

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Diploma Comparable to
Vocational senior middle school graduation certificate an diploma, level 2 or 3
Senior middle school graduation certificate a diploma
Graduation certificate from a 2-year non-degree programme (zhuanke) 2 years of
Graduation certificate fromr a 3-year non-degree programme (zhuanke) 3 years of HBO
Bachelor degree certificate an HBO bachelor's degree or 2 years of
Bachelor degree certificate from a Project 211 institution (up until August 2021) or First Class University (from September 2021)
an HBO or WO bachelor's degree
Master degree certificate an HBO or WO master's degree

Please note:

  • You can find information about the Dutch diplomas on our web pages about the education system in the Netherlands.
  • You can find more information about how we compare diplomas via Credential evaluation.
  • The SBB evaluates foreign diplomas and training at VMBO and MBO level. The evaluation may vary if the SBB evaluates the diploma for admission to VET schools or for work in the Netherlands.