Educational institutions and study programmes in Algeria

Below, we explain what types of educational institutions and degree programmes there are in Algeria. We also explain how we check whether these are accredited. We check the to make sure that the quality is sufficient. We give the necessary information per educational sector.

Secondary education| diplomas

With regard to secondary education programmes, you have to pay special attention to the fact that a student has a recognised diploma. These are the recognised secondary education diplomas:

See Secondary education documents for a short explanation of the documents that students receive.

Higher education | educational institutions

Higher education institutions in Algeria can offer both profession-oriented and research-oriented higher education. The educational institutions can be public or private. They are supervised by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique (MESRS), the ministery of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Public higher education institutions

There are more than 100 public higher education institutions in Algeria:

  • universities (universités)
  • university institutions (annexes universitaires)
  • university centres (centres universitaires)
  • national colleges (écoles nationales supérieures)
  • colleges (écoles supérieures)
  • institutions for teacher education (écoles normales supérieures)

Private higher education institutions

There are also private higher education institutions in Algeria. These institutions are also supervised by the MESRS, but they must comply with stricter rules. For example, they are not allowed to offer courses in medicine. And private institutions often only offer study programmes in 1 field of study, such as business administration or certain technical fields. Public institutions often offer study programmes in multiple fields of study.

Checking the accreditation of higher education institutions

On the website of the MESRS, you can find an overview of accredited higher education institutions.

Higher education | study programmes

At the moment, Algeria does not have an system for study programmes.On our webpage about Algerian higher education, we describe the diplomas students can get.