Iranian educational institutions and study programmes

Below, we explain what types of Iranian educational institutions and study programmes there are. And how we check whether they are recognised. We check the to make sure that the quality is sufficient. We give the necessary information for each type of education.

Secondary education | diplomas

With regard to secondary education programmes, you have to pay special attention to the fact that a student has a recognised diploma. The recognised diplomas are mentioned under Secondary education documents.

Higher education | educational institutions

In Iran, higher education institutions must be recognised. There are different types of higher education institutions:

  • universities
  • higher education institutes

Higher education institutions in Iran can be public or private.


Most universities offer associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s or PhD programmes. Some universities offer programmes in various fields of study. There are also universities that offer only medical programmes, for instance.

Higher education institutes

Higher education institutes are often located in smaller towns and areas outside major cities. They may have different names, such as institute, college or teacher training centre. They usually only allow students to get an associate degree or bachelor's degree.

Checking recognition of higher education institutions

The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) is responsible for the accreditation of most Iranian higher education institutions. On the MSRT website, you will find lists of recognised higher education institutions:

Please note: these overviews may not be complete. Please contact us if you cannot find a higher education institution in these overviews.