Secondary vocational education in Afghanistan

There are many types of study programmes in Afghan secondary vocational education. The study programmes often vary in terms of their , content and admission requirements. You will need information about this in order to determine the level of a diploma. We often see study programmes for a Diploma (Class 14).

Diploma (Class 14)

  • Duration: 2, 3 or 5 years.
  • Content: vocational subjects, about, for example, car repairs, electricity, trade or agriculture.
  • Admission requirements:
    • For the 2-year study programme: the 12th Grade graduation certificate, the upper secondary education diploma.
    • For the 3- or 5-year study programme: lower secondary education.
  • Function of the diploma: work and sometimes access to a profession-oriented higher education programme.
  • Diploma: Diploma (Class 14).

We compare the Diploma (Class 14) to an diploma level 4.

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