Er is keuze uit zowel Nederlandstalige als Engelstalige workshops. Bij elke workshop kun je zien of deze in het Nederlands of in het Engels aangeboden wordt en voor welke onderwijsvorm deze relevant is.

Je kunt je voorkeur doorgeven voor de volgende workshops:

  • Wereldburgerschapsonderwijs en diversiteit (vo) (NL)
  • CLIL4all: binnen én buiten het TTO (vo) (NL)
  • Het Wereldburgerschap Effect (vo/mbo) (NL)
  • CSI Dead chimney sweep! (vo) (EN)
  • Be the change: how students lives are changed in this Irish school (vo) (EN)
  • Getting your students from ‘enjoying the show’ to active participation (vo) (EN)
  • Changing CLIL practice with AI (vo/mbo) (EN)
  • CLIL in Project-based Learning (vo) (EN)
  • Two decades of CLIL research in the Netherlands: What more is there to know? (vo) (EN)
  • Make the Change (mbo) (EN)
  • Implementing CLIL in vocational education (mbo) (EN)

Terug naar het overzicht van de tto-dag 'Be the Change'.

Wereldburgerschapsonderwijs en diversiteit

Nederlandstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Joana Duarte

In deze workshop verkennen we hoe kritische modellen van wereldburgerschapsonderwijs een andere omgang met diversiteit mogelijk maken. Wereldburgerschapsonderwijs kan daarmee een bijdrage leveren aan het waarderen van diversiteit op scholen. Vervolgens laten we de laatste inzichten uit het onderzoek over (wereld)burgerschap en meertalig onderwijs de revue passeren, en analyseren we deze gezamenlijk.

Joana is bijzonder hoogleraar Wereldburgerschap en Tweetalig Onderwijs aan de Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen op de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Daarnaast is zij ook lector Meertaligheid en Geletterdheid aan de NHL Stenden Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. Haar onderzoek richt zich op wereldburgerschap en taalonderwijs in meertalige omgevingen in het onderwijs.

CLIL4all: binnen én buiten het TTO

Nederlandstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Rick de Graaff

CLIL is de didactiek die we gebruiken om in TTO tegelijkertijd te werken aan vakdoelen en taaldoelen. Maar ook in Nederlandstalige lessen kun je werken aan vak- en taaldoelen. Hoe werkt zo'n integrale aanpak succesvol? En hoe kunnen leerlingen met Nederlands als eerste én als tweede taal daarvan profiteren?

Rick is lector Meertaligheid en Onderwijs aan de Hogeschool Utrecht, en hoogleraar Taaldidactiek en Tweetalig onderwijs aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Hij neemt deel aan het Erasmus+ project One Stop CLIL Europe, over integrale CLIL didactiek, met partners uit Vlaanderen, Frankrijk, Spanje en Estland.

Het Wereldburgerschap Effect

Nederlandstalig, vo/mbo
Gegeven door: Roberto Willems

Deze workshop gaat over online samenwerken, waarbij gepraat wordt over en gewerkt wordt aan opdrachten om het gevoel van wereldburgerschap bij leerlingen aan te wakkeren. Hoe maak je een switch van theorie naar beleving?

Roberto is een ervaren wereldburgerschap docent met specialisatie in online samenwerken. Daarnaast is hij ook eTwinning ambassadeur, adviseur Global Citizen Schools en EPAS Senior Ambassador.

CSI Dead chimney sweep!

Engelstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Jackie de Waal

Change the way you approach a theme by making it more CLIL-Y. In this case Victorian England - prequel to Little Victorians. The session will be very practical, showing how to engage pupils in an active way, learning a new language and gaining knowledge at the same time. No books involved!

Jackie is originally from Liverpool, England and is passionate about CLIL. To her it is a “no-brainer” it is just good practice! She now has a company CLILworks. She is also an English and Drama teacher and until recently Head of the TTO Department at the Beatrix College, Tilburg.

Be the change: how students lives are changed in this Irish school

Engelstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Meghan Wallace

Meghan will speak about secondary education in Ireland and how they positively change the lives of their students. From the therapy dog, to physical exercise every day to offering a breakfast room.

Meghan is a teacher of Colaiste Aemann Ris, a secondary school in Cork, Ireland. The school is a DES school which means a part of their pupils need support in well-being.

Getting your students from ‘enjoying the show’ to active participation

Engelstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Patrick de Boer

In Patrick’s experience students prefer to do as little as possible. Which they'll do, if you let them. During this workshop he’ll share practical lesson ideas you can implement without any preparation time to get your students to actively participate in your lessons and produce language output.

Patrick is a CLIL teacher trainer and coach with 15 years of teaching mathematics in a CLIL way. During courses and coaching sessions, he helps teachers to develop their lessons in less time with practical lesson ideas he has implemented himself to make sure they make an impact.

Changing CLIL practice with AI

Engelstalig, vo/mbo
Gegeven door: Rosie Tanner

How can AI (artificial intelligence) support CLIL teachers? To some, AI in education is scary; to others, AI a helpful friend. In this hands-on workshop for secondary and vocational CLIL teachers, I will share some CLIL ideas related to recent developments in AI. These ideas might even save you time and endless surfing on the Internet.

Rosie is an enthusiastic CLIL trainer and nerd who gets participants interacting and developing as a CLIL teacher. Often cited as "inspiring" by workshop participants.

CLIL in Project-based Learning

Engelstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Ralph Voesenek, Janet Streeter & Ryan Whelpdale

In this workshop we aim to share with you a Year 3 Biology project that Ralph Voesenek set up and facilitated for his TTO class in Spring 2023. They will explore strategies and techniques for applying key CLIL principles to project work. You will be actively involved throughout and have the opportunity to take part in some of the project activities. You will also consider how you might apply such ideas to your own classes and subject area, and thus identify how you can “be the change.” Although the workshop uses examples from TTO Biology, the key messages are equally applicable to other subjects and all kinds of students.

Ralph, Janet and Ryan are members of the Cumbria CLIL team. Ralph teaches Biology and Science at Beatrix College, Tilburg. He works as a CLIL coach, both in school and for Cumbria CLIL. Ryan teaches languages in a Secondary school in the UK. He enjoys helping teachers with the practicalities of applying CLIL principles to the real classroom. Janet is Director of Cumbria CLIL and has specialised in CLIL teacher education for more than 20 years.

Two decades of CLIL research in the Netherlands: What more is there to know?

Engelstalig, vo
Gegeven door: Tessa Mearns

The path between research and practice is a two-way street: each can support the other. We will discuss what previous research does and doesn’t tell us about CLIL in the Netherlands (including myth-busting!), ideas for innovative and practice-relevant research, and how teachers from all sectors of TTO can get involved.

A former TTO teacher, Tessa is now a researcher and teacher educator at ICLON Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching. She coordinates the World Teachers Programme, focusing on culturally and linguistically-aware teaching for bilingual and international education, and does research on CLIL, TTO, and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Make the Change

Engelstalig, mbo
Gegeven door: Sanne Geertsma

An interactive workshop where Sanne shares her experience on how she created awareness, brought people together and eventually organised a WorldWideFestival for over 350 Bilingual students at her school. The ups and downs on bringing people together and proving that enthusiasm takes you to far places.

Sanne is a senior teacher at International Hospitality Studies and coordinator Bilingual education at Deltion College in Zwolle. She’s also a creator/writer and developer in new and innovative bilingual education within modular curriculums and an expert in project and process management.

Implementing CLIL in vocational education

Engelstalig, mbo
Gegeven door: Wendy Kerdijk

During this workshop you will be informed about how CLIL was implemented in the International Manager Hospitality, Food and Beverages course at ROC Horizon College. At the end of this workshop you will know how their teachers have been trained and still are being trained and how this has improved their teaching.

After working for seven years as an English teacher in preparatory secondary education, Wendy made the switch to vocational education three years ago. Currently, she teaches English at the hospitality department and in addition works as a CLIL coach.