Our main operational activities involve:

  • positioning Dutch higher education and increasing student mobility between South Korea and the Netherlands;
  • initiating and facilitating international cooperation between Dutch and Korean higher education institutions
  • supporting students, graduates, academics and knowledge workers of Neso countries who are planning their studies in the Netherlands, and vice versa;
  • promoting and providing information on more than 2,000 study programmes taught in English in the Netherlands;
  • promoting scholarships, including the Holland Scholarship and the Orange Tulip Scholarship;
  • facilitating NL alumni networks and activities.

The office also engages in regional activities, such as projects in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy and the Dutch Business Association.

Study in Holland

Our promotional activities are based on our analysis and deep understanding of the education sector in South Korea. We continue to improve our marketing strategies and methods based on students’ survey responses.

In order to promote Dutch higher education in Korea and stimulate bilateral cooperation in the education sector, we closely collaborate with Dutch and Korean higher education institutions. Neso Korea’s projects and programmes are designed to support the Dutch government and higher education institutions.

Orange Tulip Scholarship

The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is a scholarship offered by higher education institutions, government institutions, or the private sector to provide talented Korean students with the opportunity to study in the Netherlands.

This programme can be used as a promotional tool that adds value to the general promotion of Study in Holland.

Neso Korea has been managing and promoting this programme since 2009, while the education institutions select the students who will receive a grant. We have succeeded in increasing the number of scholarships for Korean students.

NL alumni network

The NL alumni network is a platform for international alumni, students, and interns, as well as Dutch education institutions, embassies and organisations. Through the network they can exchange knowledge, information, and contacts.

Do you work at a higher education institution or at a Dutch embassy? Then you can keep in touch with your alumni through the network in your own community or via the global network.

Read more about the NL alumni network.

Living Labs

In Korea, Living Labs are a popular instrument of collaboration between Dutch and Korean institutions. Below are some examples.

Living Lab Smart Ageing

In the Living Lab Smart Ageing Project, games in the field of healthcare offer a solution to the ageing population of South Korea. It was launched in 2016 and is a collaboration between Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Konkuk University.

The programme involves a dynamic combination of different majors, such as trend watching, design thinking, gerontology and IT. It has initiated a multisectoral collaboration and cooperation in community care. The living lab programme has allowed us to explore different ways of cooperating, including training, manpower exchange, and joint project planning.

Living Lab Game Jam

The Game Jams that HKU Utrecht organises are also part of a Living Lab programme. Through the concept of the Living Lab, HKU has laid the foundation for new connections and new applications abroad.

Spearheading this effort are the schools HKU Music and Technology and HKU Games and Interaction with their first Living Lab in South Korea in 2013.

A Living Lab allows HKU to export its special brand of education, including a unique approach to multidisciplinary and independent student projects with real-world partners. It allows staff and students to go beyond the well-established format of foreign student exchange.

Read more about this Living Lab (in Dutch).

Online living lab internship programme

Neso Korea has launched the online living lab internship programme to find appropriate partners from Korea. It involves coordinating the innovation of education and research by dividing the activities into 6 main sectors:

  • agriculture
  • health care
  • IT & AI
  • creative industries
  • social economy & innovation
  • smart cities

We are negotiating with governmental organisations and other stakeholders to decide on new living lab projects. We also make sure Korean stakeholders show the real-life context of a Dutch living lab and higher education. We use our network to widen the living lab portfolio, communicating with universities, research institutes and living lab leaders in both countries.

If you are interested and/or keen to participate, please contact us.

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