Your foreign diploma in the Netherlands

Did you get your diploma abroad and would you like to work or study in the Netherlands? Then there are a few things you need to know.

The guidelines for studying here are different from the ones for working here. Both situations are described below.

Studying in the Netherlands with a foreign diploma

If you would you like to study here, it is useful to know whether your foreign diploma meets the general criteria for acceptance into Dutch higher education.

We have made an overview of common diplomas from many different countries and how they compare to Dutch diplomas. You can use this to help you estimate your level.

Check the comparison of your diploma

Do you know your level?

Have you determined that your diploma is generally acceptable for access to Dutch higher education? Then you could apply for a study programme at a specific education institution straight away. The education institution can ask us for advice about the value of your diploma.

Please note that the institution decides whether to admit you or not. Also keep in mind that institutions may set additional requirements, such as a language test.

Are you not sure yet?

Do you not know the level of your diploma yet? Or are you not sure which programme you would like to follow at which institution? Then you can also apply for a diploma evaluation yourself.

You can find details of the procedure and costs at

Again, keep in mind that education institutions make their own decision on whether to admit you or not, regardless of the evaluation we provide.

Working in the Netherlands with a foreign diploma

If you would you like to work in the Netherlands you need to check whether your profession is regulated here.

What is a regulated profession?

If a profession is regulated, there are certain criteria you need to meet to be able to practise this profession. The Dutch government has laid out the requirements in an Act of Parliament.

For each profession there is a 'competent authority' that checks whether you meet the requirements.

How do I find out if my profession is regulated?

Check the European Commission's database to see whether your profession is regulated in the Netherlands.

My profession is regulated, what do I do?

Click on the name of the profession in the European database. This will show you all the information on the competent authority that cecks the requirements for this profession. Contact this organisation to ask what you need to do to be able to practise this profession here.

My profession is not regulated, what do I do?

You are free to practise the profession in Holland. If you would like to provide a potential employer with information on your foreign diploma, you can check the information in our overview of foreign education systems.

You can also apply for a credential evaluation through: Please note that this is not a free service.

Dutch Assistance Centre

We are the Assistance Centre for professional recognition in the Netherlands. Each EU country has an AC centre, that provides information to people who want to practise their profession in that country.

Croats no longer require a work permit

5 July 2018
As of 1 July 2018, Croats will have the same rights as all other EU citizens to work in the Netherlands for regular jobs, work placements and jobs on the side.

Automatic recognition: a necessity

20 February 2018
By 2020, all countries within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) will be required to automatically recognize each other's bachelor's and master's degrees.