Working for Nuffic

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Working for Nuffic means working in an inspiring environment where Dutch government policy is translated to action.

Nuffic has a workforce of about 300. Around 250 people work at the head office in The Hague, while the rest work at our Netherlands Education Support Offices (Nesos) in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey and Vietnam.

Nuffic offers its staff a challenging place to work, with an emphasis on teamwork and individual responsibility. The atmosphere is informal, but our focus is firmly on organisational goals and personal development.

Employment terms and benefits

Nuffic offers attractive employment terms, including 8 per cent holiday allowance, 8.3 per cent year-end bonus, a pension scheme and 'pick & mix' benefit options.

Remuneration is in accordance with the collective labour agreement of the Dutch universities. In addition, Nuffic offers personal development opportunities through courses, training and coaching.

Recruitment code

We adhere to the national recruitment code of the NVP (the national professional body for recruitment) in all our recruitment activities.

Applying for a job using Europass

The Europass CV is a standard model which is used in many European member states. You can use the Europass CV for your job application at Nuffic. However, we would like to stress that this is not obligatory. Whether or not you use the Europass CV does not affect the outcome of your application.

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