What is WilWeg?

WilWeg aims to prepare Dutch students for an experience abroad. Whether they need information on a gap year, study or internship – we are there to help them.
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We have various kinds of promotional material and tools to inform students.


Do you qualify to study at a university in Canada? Can you apply for a scholarship? And what about visa, accomodation and daily expenses?

These kind of questions are answered on our website www.wilweg.nl. You can also find stories written by students who have already been abroad. This way your student is well prepared to spend some time abroad.

The WilWeg website is in Dutch, but the most important information is also summarised in English.


Beursopener is a search engine for scholarships. It helps students in the Netherlands find scholarships to study abroad.

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If you have funding you would like students to know about, have your scholarship included in Beursopener.

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WilWegWijzer is a way for students to find out if they want to go abroad and if so, what they are going to do and how.

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Flyers and videos

WilWeg has released several videos that your education institution can use for promotional activities. Visit the Wilweg YouTube channel.

We also offer flyers, brochures and posters for free.

You can order printed versions as well.

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WilWeg on social media

You can find WilWeg on social media. Students can ask us questions through Facebook, watch movies on YouTube and follow other students on Instagram.

WilWeg and your students

Your students can take over our Instagram-account for a week. They can share their stories or blog or vlog. Every year in May we are looking for new WilWeg-ambassadeurs. These students got so excited about their time abroad, that they want to inform other students so they can have a similar awesome experience.

WilWeg at your event

Are you about to organise a fair or event about gap years, internships or studying abroad? Would you like WilWeg to be present as well? Or would you like to promote your event among students?

WilWeg and your event (in Dutch)

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Please contact us for more information.