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The MSP has 2 application deadlines a year. Check the deadline overview below for more information. The MSP procedures are fully digitalised in Nuffic’s application and selection tool, Delta.

Provisional dates 2023

Round 1

  • Course registration in HOVI (institutions): 23 January 9.00 CET
  • Course details check in Delta (institutions): 25 January - 7 February 16.00 CET 
  • Applications (students): 8 February – 30 March 16.00 CET 
  • Nomination of applicants (institutions): 13 April 16.00 CEST 
  • Eligibility check & assessment (embassies): 14 April - 25 May 16.00 CEST 
  • Grant letters: 8 June 2023 

Short courses must start between 27 juli 2023 and 20 februari 2024.


Code of Conduct

When we implement our programme, we acknowledge our Code of Conduct. In our Code of Conduct we describe how we put our mission and values into practice every day. We explain the professional and ethical behaviour that is expected from all of us and those who handle MSP training and scholarships.

Read our Code of Conduct