Several universities in the Netherlands carry out research in this field, including the University of Groningen, Utrecht University, Leiden University, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Below is an overview of the English thesis publications of this research, as well as our own publications.

For a complete overview, including Dutch publications, see our Dutch website.


Chicken, Egg, or a bit of both? Motivation in bilingual education (TTO) in the Netherlands

Dr Tessa Mearns (PhD thesis, University of Aberdeen/Utrecht University)

The Effectiveness of Bilingual Education in The Netherlands

Franca van Daalen (Master Linguistics, Leiden University)

Learning Biology in Dutch bilingual education: any reason for concern?

Linda W. Mulder (Master Educational Sciences, Universiteit Utrecht)

The effect of bilingual education on the first language: lexcial retrieval in Dutch CLIL students

Simone Freije (Master Applied Linguistics, University of Groningen)

Two Languages in one classroom? Investigating pupils’ use of Dutch in English Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) classrooms

Anne Martens (Master Linguistics, Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Do differentiated processes according to language level in English classes in the first year of TTO raise pupils' interest?

Olaf Hoenselaar, Ioannis Skarvelis & Kyriaki Tompazi (U-TEAch Honours track, Universiteit Utrecht)

To TTO or not to TTO. A case study in a Dutch secondary school

Claudia Casalino, Florine Keja & Sjef van Hoof (U-TEAch Honours track, Universiteit Utrecht)

Which Factors Contribute to TVWO-Success?

Andrea Cawood, Roxanne Elt, Marleen Ensink & Silke Stegmann (U-TEAch Honours track, Universiteit Utrecht)

Towards improved teacher CLIL practice. Identification of design principles for a rubric styled feedback tool on teacher CLIL competencies

Bianca van der Molen & Tomas van der Vinne (U-TEAch Honours track, Universiteit Utrecht)

Nuffic publications

Standard for bilingual education in English - havo/vwo‌ (406.43 kB)

A sustainable advantage – the findings of a study into bilingual education‌ (1.14 MB)

Bilingual education in Dutch schools – a success story‌ (1.1 MB)

On stage: theatre project for bilingual education‌ (4.9 MB)