Education is important for the integration of refugees in the Netherlands. We assist schools and refugees in this regard, through various activities.

Enrolment in vocational education or higher education

Refugee students often run into obstacles. This can be the result of inadequate information about what they need to do to enrol, for example, or because the advanced programmes in the Netherlands are poorly attuned to the prior education in the country they came from. To reduce these obstacles, we offer several aids:

  • free credential evaluation via for everyone with an integration requirement, including a special procedure for refugees who are no longer in possession of their documents;
  • Toolkit (in Dutch) to support higher education institutions in setting up admission procedures for refugees without documents;
  • a short step-by-step plan in English about credential evaluation for refugees;
  • the Pathfinder web application, with information about everything refugee students have to take care of to be able to follow vocational education or higher education in the Netherlands. The information comes directly from the government and education institutions themselves.

Dealing with refugees in the classroom

Primary schools, secondary schools and senior secondary vocational institutions need to be well prepared for welcoming refugee students following compulsory education. Improving intercultural competences is especially useful in this regard, both for teachers and for students. We are making changes to the list of training programmes currently offered by the Nuffic Academy to reflect this.

We also manage subsidies throughErasmus+, to help schools with the integration of refugees.

Career opportunities for refugees in the Netherlands

Through the Holland Alumni network, we help refugees take the first steps in their career. This is done, for example, by organising workshops on Dutch business culture together with the University Assistance Fund.

We are also active in the Dutch network of Scholars at Risk. This network offers academics who have fled their country the possibility to continue their work or research in a safe environment.

Education and projects in the Syrian region

We are also active in the Syrian region (Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt). Through the HOPES programme, we make higher education more accessible for refugees in this region. We do this in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service, the British Council and Campus France.

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