The project intended to accomplish this by improving on 3 main areas: quality assurance, the connection between the ENIC-NARICs and admissions officers at higher education institutions, and the networks’ impact on recognition decisions.


  • The quality assurance of the ENIC-NARIC networks was extended by introducing a new round of peer review activities, whereby colleagues within the networks gave feedback on each other’s policies and practices.
  • Admissions officers were connected to the ENIC-NARIC networks via a newly launched European Admissions Officers platform.
  • The current impact of the ENIC-NARIC networks on recognition in the EHEA was assessed by an online survey followed by recommendations for further improvement.


IMPACT was co-funded by Erasmus+. Nuffic had the lead in the IMPACT project as the ENIC-NARIC of the Netherlands. The other consortium partners were:

Core project team

  • NARIC France
  • NARIC Denmark
  • NARIC Lithuania
  • NARIC Italy
  • European University Association

Sub team

  • NARIC Ireland
  • NARIC Latvia

Steering Group

  • President of the ENIC Bureau
  • Vice-President of the LRC Committee
  • BFUG Representative
  • European Consortium for Accreditation
  • ECA
  • European University Association
  • EUA
  • German Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK)

Contact and more information

For more information about IMPACT please contact the project coordinators, Ms Jenneke Lokhoff and Mr Bas Wegewijs, by filling in our contact form or calling +31 (0)70 4260 260.