The improved database will help credential evaluators better deal with authenticity issues. Furthermore, FraudS+ aims to investigate the level of awareness among the student population with regard to the existence and risks of Diploma Mills and fraudulent documents.


The FraudS+ project includes 2 main activities:

  • Encouraging the automatic recognition of higher education qualifications and of upper secondary education by establishing cooperation and the further development of existing databases.
  • Development of the capacity of NARICs through online tools which improve the efficiency and consistency of data and information sharing. Improving and expanding the existing online databases and platforms.


Nuffic is one of the partners of FraudS+, together with:

  • ENIC-NARIC Italy
  • ENIC-NARIC France
  • ENIC-NARIC Germany
  • ENIC-NARIC Ireland
  • ENIC-NARIC Sweden

Contact and more information

For more information about FraudS+ please contact the project coordinator Mr Bas Wegewijs by filling in our contact form or calling +31 (0)70 4260 260.