An EQPR also contains information on the applicant’s work experience and language proficiency.

The document provides reliable information for integration and progression towards employment and admission to further studies. The EQPR assessment scheme has been specifically developed for refugees and those unable to fully document their qualifications.


The project was launched in 2017 as a pilot initiative. During this phase, 3 assessment sessions were held in Greece: 92 refugees were interviewed by credentials evaluators and 73 EQPRs were issued.

Starting from January 2018, a new phase of the project (2018-2020) was implemented. In 2018, 5 assessment sessions were held in Greece, Italy and the Netherlands.

For more information on the project’s activities, visit the website of the Council of Europe.


EQPR is a project of the Council of Europe. Nuffic is one of the partners in the project, together with:

  • the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
  • the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research
  • the Conference of University Rectors of Italy
  • the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research
  • the Government of Flanders - Belgium
  • qualification recognition centres in Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway and the UK.

The UNHCR Representation in Greece and the UNHCR Representation in Strasbourg also support the project.

Contact and more information

For more information about EQPR please contact the project coordinators, Ms Jenneke Lokhoff and Mr Bas Wegewijs, by filling in our contact form or calling +31 (0)70 4260 260.