The objectives in DigiNet are to develop ready-to-go digitization plans for all involved partners, and to provide a framework for good practices for ENIC-NARICs and other stakeholders.

Furthermore, DigiNet aims to support a European approach to digitization with common strategies for standardisation of e.g. processes and databases. The projects builds on the results obtained in the DigiRec project.


  • 8 implementation plans will be developed to optimise the digitization of the credential evaluation processes of ENIC-NARICs. The previous DigiRec project produced a white paper that analysed the effects of digitization on recognition and the day to day work of ENIC-NARICs. The white paper intends to assist ENIC-NARIC centres to plan for their further digitization.
  • Study visits to other centers will be organised to review good practices. 
  • A mini-seminar will be organised to take digitization in the ENIC-NARICs forward. 

Funding and partners 

The Digi-Net consortium consists of the following partners: 

Project team  

  • ENIC-NARIC The Netherlands (coordinator)  
  • ENIC-NARIC Italy  
  • ENIC-NARIC Estonia 
  • ENIC-NARIC Germany 
  • ENIC-NARIC Poland 
  • ENIC-NARIC Sweden 
  • ENIC-NARIC France 
  • ENIC Canada

Steering group 

  • Groningen Declaration Network (GDN)  
  • EMREX (represented by UNIT) 
  • IAU 

Contact and more information

For more information about DigiNet please contact the project coordinator Ms Jenneke Lokhoff by filling in our contact form or calling +31 (0)70 4260 260.