The succesful NICHE and NFP programmes were closed for new applications in mid-2017. Current NICHE and NFP projects will be completed by 2021.

No new NICHE projects will be initiated. The last fellowships under NFP, for short courses and master's programmes, were awarded after the April 2017 application deadline.

The new programmes were integrated into the new 5-year Orange Knowledge Programme.


We have reached tens of thousands with education through NFP and NICHE over the past years. In 2017 alone, almost 40,000 people received education to change their future. Read Education is the engine for growth - NFP\NICHE 2017 Highlights to see what we did and how we did it.

Making Knowledge Work is a series of short documentaries that show the results of the NFP and NICHE programmes:

Reporting documents NFP TMT

Previously selected Dutch training providers need to submit a narrative report and a separate list of participants within two months after the training has finished:

Format narrative report NFP II tailor-made training‌ (131.2 kB)

Annex - List of participants NFP TMT‌ (21.0 kB)

For a training course with a grant award budget of less than EUR 125,000 and more than or equal to EUR 25,000, training providers are required to include a statement of actual cost with the report.

Statement of actual costs NFP II tailor-made training‌ (94.4 kB)

NICHE Handbook documents

NICHE FRR documents

Below you can find the documents that are required for NICHE projects governed by the Financial Rules and Regulations (FRR) for NICHE Grants.

Please note that the English versions are binding, and that versions in other languages are provided in good faith, but are for reference purposes only.


The FRR requesting phase and bidding phase documents have been superseded by the NICHE Handbook documents. Most projects tendered after 20 September 2013 are governed by the NICHE Handbook (see above)

NICHE Glossary‌ (58.7 kB)

Financial rules and regulations (FRR) for NICHE grants‌ (779.2 kB)

Financial rules and regulations (FRR) for NICHE grants (French)‌ (197.7 kB)

Implementation phase

Format for project annual report‌ (66.6 kB)

Achievements annex of Annual progress report‌ (1.5 MB)

Format of Annual plan - Large projects‌ (78.0 kB)

Changes within NICHE projects‌ (26.3 kB)

Changes within NICHE projects (French)‌ (21.4 kB)

Format of auditor's report‌ (44.5 kB)

Financial Rules and Regulations - FAQ‌ (206.5 kB)

Regulations for long-term staff training (PhD/master’s students) after finalisation of NICHE projects‌ (83.9 kB)

Regulations for long-term staff training (PhD/master’s students) after finalisation of NICHE projects (Spanish)‌ (70.0 kB)

NICHE format change of contact details‌ (62.1 kB)

NICHE Budget or statement of expenses related to long-term study budget neutral extension‌ (70.9 kB)

The Financial Guidelines state that you should use a time registration procedure or system to record time spent on projects. You can read more about this under 'Time recording systems' below.

Time recording systems

Chapter 2 of the financial guidelines for NICHE projects states that a time registration procedure or system should be used to record time spent on NICHE projects.

External auditor

The system must be accepted by your own external auditor. If your organization does not use a time registration system or procedure or if your system is not accepted by your auditor, you should use the Nuffic format.

Two formats

We have developed the following two formats:

  • Format 1: Simple
    This version consists of a simple spreadsheet that is filled in weekly and signed off monthly. The calculation of hours for a year report is done manually.
  • Format 2: With calculations
    With this version the data is inserted into a spreadsheet as above, but the spreadsheet automatically calculates the totals.

Format 2 contains the following steps:

  • First, the basic data are inserted in the tab ”basic data”, including a list of outputs that correspond with the outputs as defined in the budget (format).
  • It is advisable to have one person prepare the sheets for all staff members, to prevent incorrect descriptions of outputs which may cause errors later on.
  • All project staff members then fill in their own spreadsheet. When filling in the sheets, they select which outputs they have worked on. The outputs are selected from a selection list that has been defined in step 1. They therefore correspond with the budget.
  • The sheet is filled in weekly, and printed out and signed off monthly.
  • At the end of the year, the sheet with totals is printed out. This sheet shows the totals per output, which can be copied into the expenses statement.

You decide

It is up to you to decide which format you will use for your project:

Simple version of the NICHE time reporting sheet‌ (369.5 kB) (manual calculations)

Extended version of the NICHE time reporting sheet ‌ (89.0 kB)(automated calculations)

Questions about NICHE

If you have any questions, please fill in the form below:

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