Mr Freddy Weima

Freddy Weima (1971) took up the position of Director-General on 5 November 2012.
Freddy Weima

From 2007 he worked at the Labour Market unit of the CAOP – the knowledge and services centre for labour issues in the public domain – and within this position he also directed the centre of expertise for the educational labour market, SBO (Sectorbestuur Onderwijsarbeidsmarkt). He was also secretary of the Education Foundation (Stichting van het Onderwijs) and of the Labour Market Platform for Primary Education (Arbeidsmarktplatform Primair Onderwijs). Besides this, he was involved in various policy development programmes for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

From 2011 until his appointment at Nuffic, he was coordinator of the Dutch Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA). The KIA draws up an agenda for and monitors the position of the Dutch knowledge economy in the world.

Freddy Weima studied political science at the University of Amsterdam and the San Francisco State University. He started his career as a political science lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, after which he joined the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in 1997 as a policy assistant.

His activities at the ministry included working for the then University Education Directorate and the department’s strategic division. Mr Weima subsequently worked for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and for the National Agency of Correctional Institutions (DJI) of the Ministry of Justice. At the DJI, his positions included head of the Policy Development department under the Implementation Policy Group Staff (Concernstaf Uitvoeringsbeleid).

Throughout his professional career, Freddy Weima has always sought to contribute to the public interest. In recent years whilst working at the CAOP, he focused particularly on the public sector labour market. As Director-General of Nuffic, he is now directing his efforts towards the internationalisation of higher education.

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