Information for education institutions - Orange Knowledge

Process information for Dutch education institutions for all Orange Knowledge instruments.

Step-by-step process for individual scholarships

1. Course registration deadline in Hodex/SK123

Before you add your Orange Knowledge Programme course/programme offer to Hodex/SK123, please check the requirements:

OKP Procedure opleidingsaanbod‌ (159.1 kB) (in Dutch)

2. Programme course details check in Atlas

Check Atlas Accounts;

You will receive an email via our Atlas system once the courses/programmes have been imported from Hodex/SK123. Please check and update the accounts at that point, folllowing the instructions in the Atlas user manual (page 8 - 11):

OKP NFP Atlas user manual for Dutch institutions‌ (3.6 MB)

3. Candidates can register for a scholarship

Process all applications for Orange Knowledge Programme individual scholarships, following the instructions in the Atlas manual above (chapter 5).

We would like to emphasise that we want to stimulate participation and nomination of candidates from Francophone countries. For Q1 2019 there is extra budget for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestinian Territories, Ethiopia, Nigeria and the Francophone countries Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

Check the Staatscourant for more information:

English translation of publication Staatscourant 29 November 2018‌

4. Submit your grant application and nominate your candidates

See instructions in the Atlas manual above (chapter 6). Please do not wait to submit your grant request right before the application deadline. If it does not meet a criterion, it cannot be submitted and then you will have run out of time.

The next deadline for nominations for individual scholarships is 4 April at 23.00 hrs CEST

5. Embassy checks eligibility and assesses applications (no task for you)

6. Selection (no task for you)

7. Grant award

We will send you a grant award with an overview of the nominated candidates who have been selected, not selected or rejected.

Documents for scholarships

Information for candidates

Candidates from previous application rounds can find their documents on the Study in Holland website.

Documents for candidates for the April 2019 deadline

Country list for Short Courses and Master's - April 2019 deadline - Orange Knowledge‌ (96.2 kB)

Grant obligations and conditions for individual scholarships April 2019 deadline‌ (528.0 kB)

Obligations for scholarship holders Orange Knowledge April 2019 deadline‌ (139.6 kB)

Documents for previous deadline (August 2019)

Orange Knowledge Programme country list for short courses and masters‌ (75.5 kB)

Grant conditions for individual scholarships - Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (332.2 kB)

Obligations for scholarship holders‌ (139.6 kB)


OKP letter template non-eligible check candidates‌ (26.9 kB)

OKP letter template non-eligible candidates‌ (26.3 kB)

OKP letter template selected candidates‌ (27.4 kB)

OKP letter template non-selected candidates‌ (28.6 kB)

Format employer's statement‌ (103.1 kB)

OKP Statement of Government Authority‌ (59.1 kB)

Other documents

OKP NFP Atlas user manual for Dutch institutions‌ (3.6 MB)

Orange Knowledge Programme country focus‌ (214.1 kB)

Short guide for the application and selection process of Master’s and Short Courses‌ (156.1 kB)

Toelichting normbedragen kennisontwikkelingsprogramma (OKP)‌ (254.1 kB) (in Dutch)

Government statement requirements Orange Knowledge Programme‌ (135.2 kB)

Orange Knowledge Programme Reminder Procedure‌ (205.1 kB)

Do you still have questions?

Please contact us via email or phone:

+31 70 426 02 60 (Nuffic Public Information Center)

Process for Tailor-Made Training

  • Training organisation / education institution applies for training grant in Delta
  • Nuffic checks eligibility on hard knock-out criteria
  • Dutch embassy checks eligibility on knock-out criteria referring to local information
  • Embassy answers assessment questions on requesting organisation
  • Nuffic answers assessment questions on Dutch party
  • Nuffic checks financial deal (COCA)
  • Final selection on total scorings per application
  • Grant award

For guidelines and formats please check the individual TMT call page:

Call for joint proposals Tailor-Made Training Orange Knowledge - deadline 21 March 2019

Process for institutional collaboration projects

  • Nuffic prepares call (in collaboration with embassy).
  • Call is published for specific country and priority theme.
  • Local foreign organisations find Dutch education institutions, or Dutch education institutions find local foreign organisations.
  • The local organisations and Dutch institutions form a partnership.
  • The partner organisations work out a joint proposal application together (they can ask questions till a specific date).
  • The applications are submitted.
  • Nuffic and the embassy assess all applications.
  • Project grant is awarded.

For guidelines and formats please check the open calls page:

Calls for joint proposals institutional collaboration projects Orange Knowledge

Programme updates

We frequently send out updates to the programme's participants with important information, such as deadlines, calls and changes. To make sure that you are fully informed, please register to receive these updates.

Receive our programme updates

Communication guidelines

To support participants in communicating about Orange Knowledge projects, we have provided some material that they can use alongside their own. You can forward the link to this page to your project partners:

Communication material Orange Knowledge Programme

Nuffic Report in support of World Bank’s SHAEA initiative

4 January 2019
An inventory of institutional relations between the Netherlands and Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin and Cameroon.

Minister Kaag allocates more money for Nuffic sholarships programmes

23 August 2018
The Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, is investing through Nuffic an extra €10.1 million in scholarships for 9 countries in Africa and the Middle East.