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Step-by-step participation guide for scholarship deadlines

Step-by-step guide

1. Course registration deadline in Hodex/SK123

Before you add your Orange Knowledge Programme course/programme offer to Hodex/SK123, please check the requirements:

OKP Procedure opleidingsaanbod‌ (159.1 kB) (in Dutch)

2. Programme course details check in Atlas

Check Atlas Accounts;

  • You will receive an email via our Atlas system once the courses/programmes have been imported from Hodex/SK123. Please check and update the following at that point:
    • the information about your institution in Atlas;
    • the information about the Orange Knowledge Programme on your institution’s website;
    • the publication of your institution’s deadline for admission and Orange Knowledge Programme applications;
    • your Atlas registration form: is this up to date?

For more detailed information check page 8 - 11 in the user manual:

OKP NFP Atlas user manual for Dutch institutions‌ (3.6 MB)

3. Candidates can register for a scholarship

Process all applications for Orange Knowledge Programme individual scholarships:

  • Check if all details and uploaded documents (i.e. copy ID, employer’s statement and, if applicable, government statement) are available and correct;
  • Decide if a candidate will be nominated;

Check all applicants against eligibility as non-eligible applications are rejected, which might reduce the number of scholarships allocated to your institution.

4. Submit your grant application and nominate your candidates

  • Use Atlas to check the maximum number of candidates you may nominate;
  • Apply for additional housing if needed;
  • In Atlas, submit your grant application before the deadline;
  • One grant request per sub-programme per deadline;
  • Inform candidates who have not been nominated.

Please do not submit your grant request right before the application deadline. If it does not meet a criterion, it cannot be submitted.

5. Embassy checks eligibility and assesses applications (no task)

6. Selection (no task)

7. Grant award

We send you a grant award with an overview of the nominated candidates who have been selected, not selected or rejected.


Alumni use Dutch knowledge in home countries

10 October 2018
Alumni from Nuffic programmes like the Orange Knowledge Programme translate what they have learnt in the Netherlands.

First Orange Knowledge tailor-made training grants

16 August 2018
The results of the first call for tailor-made trainings (TMTs) in the Orange Knowledge Programme have been published. 32 proposals were granted in this call, which closed in June 2018.