HOPES is an EU-funded scholarship programme for Syrian refugee students.

HOPES is short for ‘Higher and further education opportunities and perspectives for Syrians’. It is a € 12 million EU-funded response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Goals of the programme

The scholarship aims at significantly improving the situation of Syrian refugees of post-secondary age as well as local young people by directly addressing their education needs in host communities affected by the high influx of refugees.

The situation in Syria

Due to the war in Syria, nearly 5 million Syrians have fled to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Many of these vulnerable people are university-aged. Only around one third of those who would have studied at university in Syria are enrolled in university programmes in host countries. Barriers to entering education include a lack of English and other language skills, a lack of recognised documentation of previous learning and high tuition fees.

Failure to complete formal education will hold back the personal and career development of these people. The same applies to the development of Syria itself post-conflict.

HOPES portraits

Specific aims

  • Increase the numbers of Syrian students enrolled and trained in certified and recognised higher and further education programmes and training courses.
  • Significantly improve the capacity of institutions in the region to provide young Syrians and other vulnerable groups with opportunities to access further and higher education opportunities.
  • Provide scholarships and establish a counselling mechanism to enable access to information and support to young Syrians about existing opportunities for further and higher education.

The partners

A consortium led by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will deliver different components of this programme through a 4 year collaborative project. The consortium consists of Campus France, the British Council and Nuffic.

Nuffic’s role: Calls for Proposals

Nuffic will design and manage calls for proposals. The main objective is to set up projects to:

  • increase the number of Syrian students enrolled in higher education and training.
  • The projects should also improve the education and training institutions’ capacity to provide Syrian youth with opportunities to access further and higher education;
  • promote refugee education through enhancing access to online resources, courses and educational support.

More information

More information can be found on the HOPES project website.

War Child and MSM awarded for cooperation projects Lebanon

15 October 2018
We have just announced the awarded proposals of the call published last July, of the Capacity Development Programme Lebanon for 12 month institutional cooperation projects.

Minister Kaag allocates more money for Nuffic sholarships programmes

23 August 2018
The Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, is investing through Nuffic an extra €10.1 million in scholarships for 9 countries in Africa and the Middle East.